Wild Walking

Walking is the primary method of locomotion for the human animal. Our ancestors moved in a lot of different ways but walking is probably the single movement that they did in the greatest volume. In order to replicate the natural movement diet of our ancestors, the bulk of our movement time should be spent walking.

Luckily, this is easy to do because walking is pretty useful for getting from A to B!

You don’t have to set aside special movement time for walking. It can be part of your normal life: commuting to work, going shopping, taking the kids out.

It only takes a few simple steps to rewild your walking habits:

Transition to walking in minimal shoes

Stiff, built-up shoes limit the movement of your feet. Minimal shoes allow your feet to participate more, increasing their strength and mobility. It takes time to transition to minimal footwear, however, so build up slowly.

Vary the terrain you are walking over

Most of our lives are spent in places with flat and level ground. If that is all we ever walk on, it’s all our bodies will be capable of. To be fully fit and healthy we need to get regular doses of different textures underfoot and different gradients of up and down. Try and include this variety in your life.

Vary the loads you are carrying

Similarly, if we only ever walk carrying the same things in the same way, we are missing a huge potential for adaptation. For convenience, we have invented backpacks and shopping bags. They make it easier to carry lots of items, but we end up using out bodies in exactly the same way all the time. Try varying the way you carry your things to recruit different muscles.

Check out this article on transitioning to minimal footwear:

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