Wild Swimming

Swimming is low impact and uses just about every muscle in your body. Swimming in nature is exhilarating and the health benefits extend beyond the movement itself:

  • Exposure to cold water is thought to help boost metabolism and immune function.
  • Time spent in a natural environment can help reduce stress.
  • No chlorine to dry out your skin!

But don’t worry, you can still “swim wild” if you only have access to a pool. Wild swimming is just as much about what you do in the water as it is about the type of water you are swimming in.

Remember, “wild” comes from the inside!

So forget doing lengths of “normal” swimming strokes. Wild swimming includes all the ways the human body can move through the water. Check out this article for some ideas on how to rewild your swimming.

Wild Swimming Exercises You Can Do in a Pool

Get inspired by these two (very different!) videos about swimming in nature.

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