Lifting & Carrying

Lifting, carrying and manipulating heavy objects is a fundamental part of natural movement.

Modern weight training is very limited

Have you ever stopped to wonder how limited convention weight training is? The weights are all pretty much same shape so the muscles needed to hold them are all the same.

Natural objects are never the same shape twice. They are uneven, asymmetrical and “awkward”.

It’s the “awkward” part that makes rocks, logs, and people (yes, you can train by lifting people!) such great training tools.

Awkward = challenge = adaptation = fitness

You can also increase the amount and variety of lifting and carrying in your everyday life by:

  • Carrying your shopping home, or at least parking your car further away.
  • Carrying your kids (or borrow other people’s kids!)
  • Varying the type of bag you use and the way you carry it (using the straps, carrying in arms, etc.)

Check out this article on ideas for making and finding alternative training tools to hone your lifting and carrying strength:

Natural Movement Weightlifting: Five Alternative Lifting Objects to Find and Make

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