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What is natural movement fitness?

True fitness is the ability to move through the natural environment with ease.

Man-made spaces tend to be flat, level and smooth. But in nature, this is not the case. No two trees are exactly the same. The forest floor is covered in natural obstacles. The mountains are filled with infinite variation in gradient.

Nature provides us with the ultimate training ground.

If you only ever train in gyms, parks and on roads, these will be the only environments that you are able to navigate. However, if you train outside in the natural world, your body will adapt to handle much more varied demands.

It is possible to replicate natural movements even in the modern world

It isn’t always possible to access wild places on a daily basis. But it IS possible for train for them. Wild and Strong is here to show you how.

Each link at the bottom of this page (and also in the header menu above) describes a type of natural movement: barefoot running, climbing, wild swimming, etc. and explains why the movement is so important.

For each category there are links to articles containing more information and tips to get you started on incorporating the movement into your life. By using the information on this website you will be able to build your very own natural movement practice.

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Rock Climbing

Your inner wild woman was born to climb. Climbing is the ultimate full-body workout. It’s fun, challenging and wild – even if you climb indoors!

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Tree Climbing

Trees are everywhere, learn how to climb them (safely!) for fun and fitness. Experience the relaxation benefits of just spending time in the forest.

Wild Walking

Walking is the perfect way to experience wild places while getting the movement you need for health and fitness.

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Barefoot Running

Learn to run with better technique and more muscle activation by running barefoot and in minimal shoes.

Wild Swimming

Swimming is low impact and uses your whole body. You can still “swim wild” if you only have access to a pool. Remember, “wild” comes from the inside!

Lifting & Carrying

Getting “strong” in the conventional sense doesn’t have to be about conventional training methods. Learn more about getting strong for life!

Ground Movements

These bodyweight exercises will increase your strength and mobility. Best of all, they can be done anywhere!


Balanced nutrition, quality sleep, time for yourself, kind thoughts. Finding time and motivation to do these things is just as hard as working out. We are here to help.