What’s Holding You Back?

“I’m not fit enough to do these things.”

“I can’t climb, I’m scared of heights.”

“I don’t have anyone to do natural movement with.’

There are lots of reasons why you might be holding back from discovering your inner strength. I get it. It’s scary to make changes, especially when it means going against the herd.

You were born to do this

Natural movement might seem like a “new trend” in the fitness world, but the reality couldn’t be more different. Natural movement is instinctual; it is encoded in our DNA. Many of the most basic moves (for example gripping, holding your breath underwater and crawling) are things that babies are born with the ability to do. Natural movement is literally your birthright, you just have to reclaim it.

You can start small

You don’t need to scale rock faces and run for miles with no shoes on to practice natural movement. Some of the most important first steps are simple lifestyle changes, like walking more and sitting less.

The movements are scalable and this is something that I go into a lot of depth about in my blog posts. As a therapist and movement instructor, I get so much more satisfaction from helping someone go from zero to one on the scale of mastery than I do from helping some super-star go from 9.9 to 10. You won’t be left behind.

Check out this article on progressing to hanging from an overhead bar.

Check out this one about how to “climb a tree” without leaving the ground.

You aren’t alone

We are here to support you on your journey to discovering your own natural movement practice. Part of that journey is finding your own natural movement community. This could be online, or where you live. It’s scary at first to reach out to people, but it’s worth it.

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