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Unconventional Workout Series: 2. Playing with Boulders

This post is the second in a series of unconventional workouts. In this series, I explore the different types of natural movement fitness. I hope that it will give you some ideas for getting out of the gym and creating your own alternative workout. (I’ve added links to the other posts in the series at the bottom of the page.)

Today’s alternative workout is a natural movement combo workout that mixes climbing, crawling, jumping and balancing over boulders. Keep reading to learn more.

My first YouTube Video!

I made my first YouTube video this week! It was a lot of fun to shoot, kind of frustrating to edit together (I’m a Premier Pro newbie!) but really satisfying to finish and publish. I love reading and writing blog posts but, when it comes to movement, there are some things that you can only explain visually.

The most famous alternative workout on YouTube

When I first watched Erwan LeCorre’s video ‘The Workout That the World Forgot’ it blew my mind. I thought I was the only person who liked to go outside and use nature as my playground. And I had no idea that a whole discipline and certification system existed for doing and teaching natural movement! That’s how I discovered MovNat and how I decided that my little adventures outside were something worth sharing.

Before this, I was almost embarrassed to tell people what I did when I went out. I come from a social circle of climbers, mountaineers, runners and bikers. When friends ask “what did you do this weekend?” they really mean “what route did you climb?” / “How far did you run/ski/cycle?”. I didn’t feel like anyone would understand if I said things like:

  • I went and found a grove of really amazing trees to climb!
  • I wandered barefoot up a stream bed for about a mile and then stretched in the sun!
  • I balanced on a log for almost an hour. It was awesome!
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Balancing on a Log

The Benefits of Natural Movement Fitness

Discovering the MovNat community and the broader natural movement fitness community online helped me articulate why what I do is valuable:

  • I’m training my body to move through different environments.
  • I’m combining the stress-relieving benefits of mindfulness, movement and nature all in one.
  • I’m working on strength, mobility, balance and coordination in a way that feels like play.

This is something that is worth being proud of! And is something that I want to share with others. So, I started a YouTube Channel!

The Wild and Strong YouTube Channel

My first video is an alternative workout combining climbing, crawling, balancing and jumping. I filmed it in a beautiful valley just up the road from me called Solalex. There are lots of limestone boulders on the valley floor, many of them shaded under the trees (which is really nice this time of year!). The limestone has been weathered and worn into these lovely smooth boulders, with scoops, runnels and other features that just beg you to climb all other them.

I hope that this video inspires you to explore the natural environment around you and helps you to see that you don’t have to be super-human to practice natural movement fitness. It can be really gentle and meditative: it’s accessible to everyone.

If you are interested in discovering more alternative workouts then check out my free Natural Movement Fitness Starter Guide. It contains twenty pages of tips and ideas to help you start your own natural movement practice. And if you have any questions, feel free to email me — I always love to hear from people and I answer every email I get!

Free natural movement fitness starter guide

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