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Four Ways To Work Out In Water Other Than Swimming Lengths

Let’s face it, swimming lengths is pretty dull. It makes me feel like an orca, trapped in an aquarium, just swimming round in circles as I go slowly insane. I’ve put together a collection of videos that show some great alternatives to use when you work out in water.

The Aquatic Ape?

I’m currently reading a book called ‘The Aquatic Ape Hypothesis’ by Elaine Morgan. The book suggests that the ability to swim played an important role in human evolution. I’ll be sure to give the book a review as soon as I’m finished with it. For now it has inspired me to dive deeper into finding new ways to increase my movement skill in water.

Hopefully, these videos will give you some ideas for your own aquatic workouts.

1. Underwater Wrestling

In this video a surfer trains to survive hold-downs by wrestling underwater.

2. Underwater Rock Running

In this video, surfers use large rocks to hold them down while running underwater. I’ve also seen people use weights in pools.

3. MovNat Aquatics Training

This video shows a range of skills used in the MovNat specialty aquatics certification. I really want to do this someday!

4. Aquathlon

This fairly obscure sport looks like an incredible underwater workout. My Russian isn’t great but I gather they have to grab the ribbon off their opponent’s ankle in order to win.

I hope these alternatives to swimming lengths have inspired you to find different ways to work out in water and free your inner orca!

Remember that breath holding underwater is a potentially dangerous activity. Only do it if you understand the risks and how to manage them.

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