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No motivation for the gym? Try Natural Movement Fitness instead

If you are struggling to maintain motivation for the gym you might be worrying that the problem is you.

“I must be lazy.”  “I set goals and then don’t follow them through.” “I have no work ethic.”

First of all, these thoughts are unhelpful and only serve to further undermine your motivation for the gym and for fitness in general. So stop! Ok, finished? Let’s move on…

The problem might not be you, the problem might be the environment of the gym and the way you are working out.

Here are three reasons that natural movement fitness is more motivating than going to the gym:

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1.With natural movement, the “why” is obvious.

Natural movement fitness uses range of foundational movements that are crucial for navigating the natural world with ease: climbing over things, crawling under things, picking up things that are awkwardly shaped, etc… In contrast, isolated gym exercises (while they often have their place) are devoid of context. When was the last time a wild animal needed to do a set of 10 “paw raises”?

It begs the question, WHY are we doing isolated exercises either, when we could be doing full-body exercises that train us to execute real-world skills. It’s far more motivating to be learning and training a skill that is applicable in the real world. 

2. Natural movement allows you to progress in complexity not just volume and intensity.

Imagine if a child, enthusiastic about reading, was told to read the same book again and again only faster in order to progress. They would lose motivation fairly quickly. If you want a child to keep reading they need access to more complex stories that engage their interests and imagination.

It is the same with movement. The problem with the gym is that the only way to “make progress” is to do the same basic exercises with heavier weights and higher reps. There are only limited ways to make the movements more INTERESTING.

With natural movement fitness, you can progress with volume, intensity AND complexity. Take the simple movement of hanging from a bar. There are almost limitless ways to progress this movement:

  • hang for longer
  • do a pull-up
  • do a weighted pull-up
  • swing forwards
  • swing side to side
  • traverse sideways
  • traverse forwards
  • get on top of the bar
  • go outside and hang from a tree branch
  • do a pull-up on a tree branch
  • swing from a tree branch
  • hang from a thicker tree branch
  • etc. etc.

You get the idea.

3. Natural movement gets you outside and gets you playing

There is distinct psychological boost from spending time outside and the ability to turn your workouts into play is a sure way to keep you engaged over the long term. The best way to maintain motivation for the gym has to be by turning the whole world into your gym!

But don’t take my word for it — Look how much fun these people are having!

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