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Gear Review: Four Minimal Running Shoes Compared

[Note: this is not the most up to date list as I have had all of these minimal running shoes for a while. But this means I can tell you how well they have lasted me over the years!]

New Balance Minimus Trail

This is the first pair of minimal running shoes I ever bought.

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  • Zero drop
  • Nice wide toe box
  • Still have a fair amount of cushioning so they are a good “starter” pair while you are getting used to running in minimal shoes.
  • They look quite “normal” so they are ideal for situations where you don’t want to go full “Vibram Five-Finger” on everyone.


  • The generous cushioning is not so great if you are looking for a real barefoot running experience (for this reason I eventually “outgrew” them).

Xero Shoes Amuri Cloud

These sandals are modeled on the shoes made by the Tarahumara, an indigenous tribe in Mexico.


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  • Definitely one of the most affordable minimal running shoes out there
  • Very minimal – you can feel everything through the sole.
  • Great for hot, dry weather
  • Very light in general so great for traveling  – they would take up very little room in a carry-on bag.
  • Smart enough that I wore them to a wedding and no-one noticed. Maybe that says more about my friends than the shoe…


  • I never really got on with running in them, they feel kind of “flappy” and I never felt like they brought out my best running form.
  • It’s very easy for rocks to slip into the sandal, under the arch of my foot – OUCH!
  • The knot at the front tend to slip, so I have to adjust them quite a bit.
  • If they get wet my foot slips around inside them to the point of being dangerous!

All in all, more of a minimal casual shoe than a minimal running shoe, for me.

Vivo Barefoot – Stealth II

These are so comfy and they look awesome. I bought them as my “smart-sporty” shoes for my work as a massage therapist. They don’t look that smart anymore, but only because I’ve worn them so much over the last two years!


  • Really nice look
  • Fairly comfortable to run in, not as good as the Vibrams (see below)


  • None really…
  • At a push, I would say the soles aren’t that grippy in wet/muddy/leafy conditions but they are designed to be road shoes after all.

Vibram Five Fingers KSO

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minimal running shoes review comparisonThese are hands down my favourite of all minimal running shoes. They are great for running and all-around natural movement. I have more cons for them than a lot of the other shoes in this review, but that is only because I feel so strongly about them, so the tiny things that could be better matter more to me.


  • Great grip on a variety of terrain.
  • Breathable
  • Comfortable
  • They seem to bring out my best running form and I’ve had fewer knee problems wearing them to run in compared with any other shoe.
  • Extremely lightweight.
  • If you wear them with toe socks they don’t smell (this seems to be a common complaint with Five Fingers)


  • The grip isn’t as good with the new version of KSO as it was with the original
  • The sizing also changed between the versions and the women’s sizes now have a really narrow toe box, so I have to wear then men’s version.
  • The fabric between the toes was the first thing to wear out – they still work though, but occasionally a pebble or wood chip works its way in there!
  • I wish FiveFingers were cheaper so I could buy and try all of the different versions! You can sometimes find bargains online, though.

But on the whole, I love this shoe!

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